CFC X Thread Designer Spotlight: Emelia Black

published Nov. 11, 2018

by Thread Magazine

THREAD MAGAZINE: Describe your collection as a whole a little bit, what is the idea/inspiration behind it?

EMELIA BLACK: My collection is made of textile waste to serve as a commentary on the negative environmental impact of the fashion industry. The garments are made to mimic organic elements from the ocean as well as manmade waste in the oceans.

TM: The theme of this year's show if Glitch, how has your collection or some of your pieces experienced changes and reformations during the creation process? What has been your biggest challenge as a level 4 designer this year?

EB: The biggest challenge has been the amount of time that has gone into making the textiles by hand. It's been really rewarding, but takes a lot longer than using purchased fabric. My pieces started as recognizable garments but have evolved to be more like wearable art.

TM: How would you say your collection flows and progresses as a whole?

EB: The show order shows a progression of a siren-like woman starting from various depths in the ocean, and walking out of the water. For example, the first look represents ocean sludge and algae slime that would be found at the bottom of the ocean, while the final look is made of shell-like metal pieces that could be found at low tide.

TM: Describe your personal style/brand and how you convey that within your designs?

EB: My personal style is very organic and mimics nature. I am also an issue-led designer and feel that apparel that addresses a problem is the most relevant.

TM: As a level 4 designer, what has the design process been like? What do you hope in the future as you move further into the fashion industry?

EB: The design process started in August and has been very holistic. We're given a clean slate for design, so you have to do a lot of introspection to decide what you want to focus on for 7 months. In the future I'd like to work at an innovative design lab that has a strong purpose.

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