CFC X Thread Designer Spotlight: Olivia Friedman

published Nov. 11, 2018

by Thread Magazine

THREAD MAGAZINE: Describe your collection as a whole a little bit, what is the idea/inspiration behind it?

OLIVIA FRIEDMAN: The collection is called Transparence Féminité and it's a view of femininity in a ‘man’s world’ and about feminine power. This is conveyed through my combination of lingerie and transparent garments. The lingerie is supposed to represent a woman's femininity, and the transparency represents woman’s ability to express their voice in the workplace as opposed to covering that up. My collection is about celebrating being a woman from the inside-out, not simply having to act and think like a man to be successful in society, specifically given our current political environment. As women, we should be able to embrace what makes us feel feminine, not just in our personal lives, but in our workplace as well. When women can contribute as females, not from a place of trying to be a man, but from a place of who they truly are as women, the world is a more equitable and successful place. While one would not wear these transparent looks to the workplace, they express this designer’s described philosophy on a conceptual level.

TM: Describe your personal style/brand and how you convey that within your designs?

OF: I love creating ready-to-wear garments that empower women. Things that can make a person feel confident wearing and embracing.

TM: As a level 4 designer, what has the design process been like? What do you hope in the future as you move further into the fashion industry?

OF: The design process has been a learning process. There are many steps that must be taken in order to generate fully-fledged garments. Prior to creating this collection, I had never made lingerie and thus this collection posed a great learning curve. Throughout the process, I have come to understand that one must be utterly invested in making their designs a reality in order to successfully execute a collection. In my career, I hope to be able to connect traditional couture techniques to the ever-evolving technology within the industry such as 3D printing and digital printing in my design work. I aspire to one day own a sustainable fashion brand that carries this philosophy and features empowering ready-to-wear, environmentally sustainable apparel.

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