CFC x Thread Designer Spotlight: Grace Lawson

published Nov. 10, 2018

by Thread Magazine

THREAD MAGAZINE: Describe the collection as a whole a little bit, what is the idea/inspiration behind it?

GRACE LAWSON: The title of my collection is Doyennes, and a doyenne is a woman who is the most respected or prominent person in a particular field; a female leader. I was most inspired by the regalia donned by powerful queens and female leaders throughout history, and my collection, Doyennes, communicates feminine power through unique shapes and soft structure. The collection was designed with the modern doyenne woman in mind, one who has embraced her femininity and individual power. As she clothes herself in these garments, it is my hope that they mirror and amplify the inner strength and energy of the wearer. Bolstered by her finery, when she walks into the room her commanding presence radiates from within.

TM: The theme of this years show if Glitch, how has your collection or some of your pieces experienced changes and reformations during the creation process? What has been your biggest challenge as a level 3 designer this year?

GL: Everything has changed. The finished collection has ended up completely different from my initial research and inspiration which is completely normal for me. As I began draping my designs, I figured out what would or would not work in both an aesthetic sense but also in s practical construction sense. Seam lines and silhouettes have changed depending on the architectural shapes I sought after. Fabrics changed depending on texture, structural integrity, and color. I think the biggest challenge I've faced this year is focusing exactly what I wanted my collection to say. Since this was the first year I could generate my own theme, I went through a lot of back and forth thinking about the message of the collection.

TM: And how would you say your collection flows and progresses as a whole?

GL: This collection transitions from day to night as the colors flow from lighter neutrals to deeper jewel tones and the hemlines change from short to long.

TM: Describe your personal style/brand and how you convey that within your designs?

GL: As a designer, I've always been drawn to well-crafted garments and strong techniques. There's something so aesthetically pleasing to me about a well sewn french seam. I've focused in on my technical skills through this collection by using modernized versions of old couture techniques. I think good quality garments are so hard to find in this age with fast fashion taking over, and I hope to bring them back.

TM: As a level 3 designer, what has the design process been like? How is it different from last year and what do you hope in the future as you become a level 4 designer?

GL: The design process has never been a straight path for me. This year, I'm making six looks which has been quite the jump from two last year. It's definitely hard managing both designing for the show and all of the other design work I have for classes. Since I hope to be graduating next December, this will be my last show. After graduation, I hope to go on to design womenswear for a high-end, luxury RTW brand.

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