CFC x Thread Designer Spotlight: Mary Louise DuBose

published Nov. 10, 2018

by Thread Magazine

THREAD MAGAZINE: Describe the collection as a whole a little bit, what is the idea/inspiration behind it?

MARY LOUISE DUBOSE: My collection, called dermis, is inspired by the mechanisms of the human body. As each look goes down the runway, the viewers will be taken deeper and deeper within the flesh, surveying each of the systems that give us life. Initial inspiration for this collection came from an X-ray of my finger after I sewed through it freshman year. Looking at the X-ray of the needle through my bone, I was captivated by the idea of merging flesh and fashion and am excited to finally give this idea life for my final collection.

TM: The theme of this years show if Glitch, how has your collection or some of your piece experienced changes and reformations during the creation process? What has been your biggest challenge as a level 3 designer this year?

MLD: My creative process always involved big ideas that must eventually be scaled down. I love elaborate, artistic designs. Yet with school, costs, and lack of time these ideas must become more realistic and manageable. Thus, my collection has become a little less extravagant than I would have liked, but I believe it still does a good job showcasing my abilities.

TM: How would you say your collection flows and progresses as a whole?

MLD: Each look is meant to showcase the process of entering into the body. One piece leads another from skin to muscles, flowing and progressing seamlessly to create one smooth effect.

TM: Describe your personal style/brand and how you convey that within your designs?

MLD: I view fashion as an art form and am thus more interested in creating garments that tell a story or showcase elaborate embellishment techniques. I suppose you could say that my personal brand is centered around creating work that makes the viewer reflect on what is before them and truly appreciate the details it holds and the message it aims to communicate. This collection is a perfect example of my brand as it tells the story of the body utilizing a myriad of elaborately artistic embellishment techniques including beading, embroidery, and 3d printing.

TM: As a level 3 designer, what has the design process been like? How is it different from last year and what do you hope in the future as you become a level 4 designer?

MLD: I've loved this design process. Being able to create my own collection has been a dream. Since I will be graduating in December, this collection will be my last. I've relished the experience of getting to conceptualize and personalize every element of it and believe that these last looks best represent who I am as a designer at the moment and where I hope to go in my career. Its liberating reaching this point in my creative career, and I hope to continue to have this freedom in the future.

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