CFC x Thread Designer Spotlight: Julia DeNey

published Nov. 10, 2018

by Thread Magazine

Cornell Fashion Collective's annual runway show is this Saturday, March 10th. Although only one night, the show represents a semester's worth of hard work and dedication by all the CFC designers. Each day this week, we will spotlight a CFC designer, starting with Level 2 designers and working up to Level 4. Today, we're kicking off the week with our first designer spotlight: Level 2 Designer Julia DeNey.

THREAD MAGAZINE: Describe the collection as a whole a little bit, what is the idea behind it?

JULIA DENEY: Our theme is inspired by the sand patterns and dooms and the wildlife (plants and animals) that are all apart of the desert. We are each inspired by different elements and textures that are in this biome, but we are all inspired by the nature of a desert environment.

TM: What inspired your pieces?

JD: I was inspired by the relationship of the sand, which is what everyone thinks of when they hear desert and the beautifully textured and vibrantly colored plants that are often not thought of immediate yet add such unique beauty to this bio.

TM: How would you say your pieces fit into the collection as a whole?

JD: My pieces have a mix of neutral sand tones and more vibrant purples, as well as various techniques to create unique textures, which helps bring together/ connect other pieces in the collection to create cohesiveness on the runway.

TM: Describe your personal style/brand and how you convey that within your designs?

JD: I love experimenting with surface texture/ design and I love always learning new techniques. This definitely comes through as two types of surface design are used in each piece. If I had to describe my style/ brand in two words it would be sweet and fun. I love playing with fullness and color, which is also apparent in my CFC pieces.

TM: As a level 2 designer, what has the design process been like? How is it different from last year and what do you hope in the future as you become a level 3 designer?

JD: This year the responsibility is all on us as compared to last year where we got a lot of help and instruction from our draping professor at the time. It has been challenging to take it all on, but also a great learning experience as it is now our job to make sure everything is correct and fits, as it will be from in the future so it is great to start getting used to! I hope to grow even further as a designer over the next couple years to where fittings are no longer as mysterious and almost flustering.

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