Set Free

published Nov. 11, 2018

by Alex Hernandez

For Evan Kharrazi, dance is all about the audience. Seeking to genuinely connect with the people for whom he performs, Kharrazi, Hotel Administration senior, “looks to impact the people around” him through dance.

Kharrazi’s physical movement is constructed alongside his tactical approach for “adapting” to the space, sound, and groups of people that interact with his dance. While performing, Kharrazi expressively “steps in with [him]self” in order to deliver a rhythmic sway which moves his spectators in a manner that can “take them away from their current pain.” Evan’s desire to induce a poignant yet positive stirring within audience members originates from his own experience with painful “closed off space[s].” When his mother was diagnosed with cancer, dance evolved into an emotional therapy for Kharrazi because he realized that dance as an art form had the ability to diffuse new emotions within a perso: positive emotions that could carry an individual through dark times even if just for a moment. Evidence of this awakening radiates throughout Evan’s artistry and stylistic choice of movement, which can be collectively described as “segmented,” “fluid,” and emotionally captivating in nature.

Above all, Kharrazi desires to bring beauty, an ornate and multiverse construct, to life when he performs. While his physique articulates visual beauty in movement, his choreography symbolizes an ephemeral “soul” dancing. Externally stripped down and armed with nothing but his soul, Evan Kharrazi dances to bridge the gap between worthy emotions and the observer’s self.

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