The Elevated Jogger

published Nov. 11, 2018

by Olivia Friedman

The jogger has had a large presence on menswear runways this past year. However, it will transition into a more advanced version of itself, in addition to trickling down into the commercial market, this coming Spring ’17 and Autumn/Winter ‘17/’18. This ‘elevated jogger’ trend will be expressed in a variety of styles. Elevated joggers incorporate gathered and ribbed cuffs as subtle details (Paget, 2016). Joggers will combine ‘sport’ and high-end tailoring through sleek lines in order to meet the demand for simultaneous comfort and luxury in easy-to-wear pieces. ‘Sportified’ components, like waistbands or drawstrings, are combined with high-end fabrics, such as satin and classic checks to enhance the silhouette (DeLeon, 2016). Other luxury fabrics, such as fine wools, and formal fabrics, including suiting material, tweeds, and even velveteen are also being used for joggers to create an aura of opulence (DeLeon, 2016).

Over the last few seasons, the boundaries between formalwear and casualwear have been broken (Boddy, Coleman, & Ketteniss, 2016). The voluminous style of traditional joggers indicates customer demand for relaxed shape and comfort. The elevated jogger is perfect for the people with a lifestyle in which their professional environment is blurred between home and work (WGSN Menswear Team, 2016). The simultaneous comfort and luxury of these pants makes them versatile and multi-functional for work, loungewear, and going out. The elevated jogger is essentially a ‘lifestyle pant.’

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