Member Spotlight: Andie Orduna

published Nov. 11, 2018

by Thread Magazine

Q: Why did you choose thread?

A: I’ve always been interested in fashion and editorial writing, and I thought Thread was the perfect way to combine the two. I was extremely impressed not only with the overall aesthetic of the magazine and brand in general, but also with the professionalism with which the organization was run. From the first G Body meeting, I could immediately tell that everyone on the E Board was passionate about their role in the magazine, which is clearly reflected in the final product. Being a part of Thread has exposed me to a lot of events and organizations on campus that I never would have interacted with on my own. What I really love is the creative freedom that they encourage their members to have, which makes you feel like the magazine is truly your own.

Q: Would you say fashion and/or style is a big part of your life? Why?

A: As someone who grew up always in or near a major metropolitan city, I have alway been heavily influenced by fashion and trends in our culture. From a very young age, I remember being enamored with clothing and the idea of making it your own. To me, fashion means freedom of expression and empowerment of individuality. My interests evolved as I grew older, but they always centered around clothing and fashion. Instead of sketching designs in my notebook, I began to think more about the marketing and merchandising side of the fashion industry. Fashion is something that I truly feel passionate and excited about, and it is something that I can see myself pursuing further in the future.

Q: What is your funniest fashion dilemma?

A: My funniest fashion dilemma probably occurred sometime in my childhood, when I was intent on becoming a fashion designer. I was convinced I could make my own clothing, despite having no prior sewing or designing skills. As a result, I often ended up with misshapen pieces of clothing thrown together with crooked stitching and jagged edges. I definitely did not look my best, but it gave me some sense of pride to know that I had made something.

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