Escape Into Blue

published Nov. 11, 2018

by Caley Droof

I was walking through the engineering quad a few days after the first Thread meeting and stumbled upon this colossal fire escape on the back of Hollister-- what intrigued me was the directionality of the structure, the directionality of its escape. I envisioned the fiery leaves of descending in fall and how that contrasted the staircase’s intention. It is inherently an escape downwards, away from a fire, however, a different kind of blaze (of leaves) forms on the ground come fall. In this way, the stair’s function reverses; instead, the escape is upwards, away from the traces of dying foliage. This parallels another realm of escapism within the human condition; the constant defiance of death, our escape into what it means to be alive. Thoughts and ambitions are the greatest liberation and escape; lifting us away from the fragility of life into the permanency of ideas, connection and impacts.

Escape Into Blue

The striations of rusty steel ceded

a raspy groan as we climbed the floors.

They fell;

carmine, gold tears trickled from the trees

emblazing the old stone path below.

Sometimes their shadows crossed;

smothering the light,

bequeathing shade

unto sprouts seething through cracks

and convoys of moss lining the bench.

All yearning upwards

but not toward the light,

towards drifting thoughts

and grounded clouds;

the escape into blue.

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